The Colossian Way Class

The Colossian Way Class is back for three sessions this fall.  
Our ability to handle tough issues well is limited by our lack of deep formation into the character of Christ. The Colossian Way curriculum takes our division over challenging issues as an opportunity to grow more deeply into the image of Christ. This small group series is less about resolving a particular issue and more about building a capacity for working on important questions in a way that reflects faithful obedience to Christ. The Colossian Way series focuses on political division. Based on the premise that strained conflicts can be places of Christian formation, our faith in Jesus provides deep resources that can guide and form us to engage in political differences in surprisingly positive, even redemptive ways. Jan Fields and Will Miller will be teaching another three sessions this fall, and three this winter. The classes will be Sept. 27, October 18, and 25, Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM. Please contact Pastor Brian at or call the church office to sign up. Workbooks will be provided for this study. Feel free to join even if it’s your first time.