SCUBA VBS Donations Still Needed!

Thank you to everyone who has helped supply the SCUBA VBS wish list so far! We are excited to use the items! That said: SCUBA VBS still needs a few DONATIONS!

If you can help by purchasing (or loaning) any of the items listed below, please email or text 616.821.5377 to let Sally Vander Ploeg know. We need these items (except food items) before our final VBS inventory on July 15.
BLUE JELLO CUP (4-pack) – NEED 60 more 4-packs!
GREEN GRAPES – NEED 6 lbs. total by Sun., 7/21
LARGE EMPTY PLASTIC CONTAINER with screw lid (e.g. Animal Cracker, Costco pretzels…) NEED 4 more
SEA SHELLS – to fit in a teaspoon (75 more)
SEA SHELLS – LOTS, medium & large sizes (for decorating)
RED SOLO CUPS (12 oz., not 16 oz.) NEED 100
KAYAK/S – to borrow
PLASTIC STORAGE CONTAINERS w/Lids 16 x 24-ish – NEED 6 total
Thanks for helping make this event memorable for over 200 children and 100 volunteers!