New Covid Recommendations

As a church family, we are choosing to follow the CDC’s recommendations regarding Covid precautions. On Feb. 25, 2022 the CDC revised their guidance. If you’re interested you can read the details HERE.

The CDC now recommends indoor masking for all, regardless of vaccination status, when the level of Covid in a local community is “High.” Currently, Kent County is at the “Medium” level, where indoor masking for vaccinated people is no longer a necessary precaution. Masking for those who are unvaccinated is still recommended.

We will move to “Masks Optional” for the Sunday worship service. For now, we will continue to ask our Fifth Kids volunteers who work with children 5 and under to wear masks when serving in the nursery and preschool rooms, but for other programs involving children (over 5) and students, masks will be optional. Other groups meeting in our facilities may make their own decisions on masking.