New Class: Political Discipleship

Political discipleship is the act of following Jesus into the call to citizenship. In a climate where distrust of politics seems prevalent, we want to think about ways our faith informs how we might engage in politics. This class will encourage ​small​ ​groups​ ​to​ ​respond​ ​to​ ​the​ ​call​ ​to​ ​citizenship​ ​and​ will offer​ ​a​ ​theology​ ​of​ ​citizenship​ ​and​ ​best practices​ ​for​ ​doing​ ​politics better.

The curriculum for the political discipleship class was developed by the Center for Public Justice (CPJ). CPJ is an independent, non-partisan organization devoted to policy research and civic education. Working outside the familiar categories of right and left, conservative and liberal, CPJ seeks to help citizens and public officeholders respond to God’s call to do justice. CPJ’s mission is to equip citizens, develop leaders, and shape policy in pursuit of our purpose to serve God, advance justice, and transform public life.

The class will be led by Jan Fields, Will Miller, and Doug Koopman. We’ll meet on Wednesday evenings at Fifth Church at 6:30PM, and we hope to live stream the event as well. Here’s the course schedule:

  • January 12 – Politics as Stewardship
  • January 19 – Political Autobiographies
  • February 2 – Politics is for Flourishing
  • February 9 – Politics Practiced in Community
  • February 23 – Practicing Politics
  • March 9 – Practicing Politics