Healthy Habits: Predictable Patterns for Spiritual Growth

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Our spiritual lives can fall victim to this pattern. We can tend to rely on our willpower and determination to break the habits of sin in our lives. We work hard to avoid sin. We fail. We pray. And we go right back to working hard to avoid sin, hoping that – this time – it will deliver the results we desire. No wonder life can feel crazy! Gladly, there is a different and better way to follow Jesus.

The sermon series this fall will focus on eight healthy habits to foster spiritual growth. If practiced, these habits become predictable patterns that place us before the Lord so he can transform us. Many Christians who have gone before us have learned the lesson that if you want a different life, you need to behave differently by fostering new spiritual habits.

With all the uncertainties of the past two years, it seems that many of us are struggling to regain a sense of rhythm in a world that feels more fractured and distracted than ever. There is no better time to focus on significant spiritual habits that place us before the Lord and help us fix our eyes on Jesus.